Jessica Nelson Cont...

While I have had little ones at home, I have been able to feed my passion for pregnancy and birth through my massage practice, but now I am able to step into a more active birth role as an assistant. For me, my massage practice is not just about taking care of our bodies, as there can be a lot of aches and pains in pregnancy, but also allowing that time, space and breathe to just relax our mind and bodies, bodies that are working so hard and trickle that energy down to those  babies who are doing just as much work.  From excitement and love to fear and stress…there is a lot to explore in pregnancy.   I am proud to be a part of her practice and honored to work with her.   My job as Sarah's assistant is first to support her so she can offer the highest level of care to every client but it is also to create that space at each birth that is sacred.  Holding that space so that it becomes safe and supported and an empowering place for you to use and find your own power and strength, listening to your own intuition so you can have the birth you want.  I love coming in and out of that space as women and partners need me, it becomes this beautiful dance.  Sometimes that means holding your hand, encouraging you, wiping your forehead with a cool cloth and sometimes it means that I stand back and watch the most beautiful and intuitive work that women do; listening and trusting their bodies.  It is truly and honor and a blessing for me to be a part of your birth.   I hope to see you and get to know you throughout your pregnancy and your journey with Sarah! 


Additional info and certifications:

·         Level 2 Rieki Training

·         Certified in prenatal massage

·         Neonatal Resuscitation Program/certificate

·         Placenta Encapsulation

·         Lovingly prepares birth kits for home and birth center births