Prenatal & Office Routines

Confirmation of Pregnancy (email or appointment)

  • When - any time in early pregnancy.
  • Why in person - only if insurance requires a note confirming pregnancy or if you know you require an ultrasound or labs early on.
  • Why via phone/email - to initiate the registration process and to save a space as sometimes the number of clients we can take per month is limited.


Initial Prenatal Visit

  • When - schedule for 10-12 weeks.
  • What - review past medical care, confirm pregnancy by listening for baby/fetal heartbeat, maternal vital signs, collect labs (pap, blood and urine if needed), review genetic testing options and send referrals if needed. Orientation to the practice and routines of care. Collect insurance information for verification of benefits.


Return Prenatal Visit

  • When - around 16 weeks.
  • What - review labs (if we have not via phone already), review verification of benefits/insurance coverage and make payment plan arrangements if needed. Collect maternal vital signs and listen to baby/fetal heartbeat. Send ultrasound order for the fetal anatomy scan.


Fetal Survey

  • When - 18-22 weeks.
  • What - this is the one standard ultrasound for the pregnancy. Some women may have more prior to this or after, but most do not. During this can we see the location of the placenta, confirm the due date and see all the anatomical parts of the baby carefully and closely. Some women may meet with Maternal Fetal Medicine during this time as well based on health factors of the mom or baby.


Return Prenatal Visit

  • When - 2-4 weeks after the fetal survey.
  • What - maternal vital signs, baby/fetal heartbeat, review ultrasound findings, review prenatal class options, preparation for 3rd trimester labs (red blood cell recheck and gestational diabetes screening review). Some teaching on preparing for birth.


Third Trimester Visit

  • When - 26-28 weeks.
  • What - maternal (weight and blood pressure) and baby (heart beat and measurements) vital signs. Blood work reassessed, and diabetes screening completed. Home birth vs birth center must be decided and consents signed. Billing progress reviewed. Prenatal classes should be started by now.


Return Prenatal Visit

  • When - every 2-3 weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly from 36 weeks to birth or 41 weeks.
  • What - maternal (weight and blood pressure) and baby (heart beat and measurements) vital signs. GBS culture collected at 36 weeks. Review when to call with labor signs, routines for early labor vs active labor. Choose pediatricians, review typical newborn care, consents all signed and completed. Payment collected in full by 36 weeks. Occasionally: follow up ultrasounds.

* For home birth clients, the 36 week visit will take place at your home. During this visit, supplies will be delivered and transport plan will be reviewed.


Postdates Visits

  • When - every 2-3 days from 41 weeks until delivery.
  • What - this may include both office visits and ultrasounds and maternal fetal medicine consultations.


Postpartum Visits

Forms and Consents

Please take the time to read the forms below.

I will ask you to sign them electronically during our visit.

Medical Release Form
Use this form to have prior records sent to Hearts & Hands Women's Care
Medical release generic.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 141.3 KB
Consent for Care
This is the basic consent allowing me to care for you and your baby and allowing me to bill insurance for your care.
Consent for care Aug 2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 109.9 KB
Newborn Care Consent
This form needs to be filled in prior to delivery. This allows me to care for your baby at the time of delivery and allows me to share the information with their doctor when I complete the care.
Newborn Care Consent 2019.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 292.5 KB
Consent for Out of Hospital Birth
We will review this in early pregnancy, must be signed by 36 weeks.
Consent for OOHB Jan '14.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 384.2 KB
Consent for Out of Hospital Birth Details
Please review prior to signing the consent. This forms includes the list of reasons one might risk out of out of hospital birth.
Informed Consent Home Birth 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 237.3 KB
Privacy and Information Disclosure
This form explains your rights regarding your health information.
For more information check:
HIPAA Informed Consent.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 173.4 KB