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Coaching for life transitions

You do not need to be an established client for this

When we have life transitions, one can’t shift without others shifting around you, either expectations of your own, parts of your own life, or boundaries and structures for those around you to meet you where you are in your journey. And women have many transitions to adapt to, grow into and accept, be it puberty, choices in mothering and perimenopause. During these appointments your needs are addressed with the lens of mind, body and soul.  There will be space for mirroring your story and experiences, like a sounding board for ideas, inspiration and accountability. 

These visits are reserved for times where you want further support with care that may be outside of the traditional insurance billable service (cause you know, insurance does not cover these types of holistic life care needs).

Maiden ~ Teen Health: all things periods, mood support, the Feelings Wheel in Action, learning about and creating boundaries with the self and those around you.

Mother ~ Child Bearing Age: adjustment support in mothering during the early years, such as parenting models, expectations vs the realities of parenting, boundaries with your partner, family and peers and setting up self care that refills an empty cup.

QueenPeri-menopause age: so many changes in these years, many that come with more fear than needed as they come with whispers and many unknowns. Yes, your body is making changes, and this is often a time where you are stepping into your true self, seeing aspects that no longer serve your day to day and getting clarity on your daily purpose. 

Matriarch ~ postmenopausal: During these years your body becomes a new stable version of you, where the week by week hormone changes no longer impact the mind and body, but things may not feel familiar, as so many years were spent in the flux state of being. This is another time to redefine your relationship with your body in so many ways, it may impact your physical health, your energy for certain tasks and your sexuality. 

The initial appointment is $125, and follow up appointments are $110, or 3/$300 when a multi-appointment commitment is made and pre-paid. 

These appointments can take place in person or virtual. 


Scheduling can be done online