Birth Stories

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Pregnancy and Birth

"We switched from a traditional OB practice to Sarah's practice at the beginning of my third trimester. As a first time mom, a hospital birth didn't feel right to me. At our first meeting I knew we made the right decision. The difference was incredibly refreshing. Sarah is extremely patient, thorough and takes the time to answer questions and ease concerns. Her experience and knowledge are invaluable. Our water birth was an amazing experience and I have Sarah to thank for that memory. The level of pre and postnatal care Sarah provides exceeds all expectations. I am so grateful for her!" - Sarah


"Thank you for your help and guidance during our pregnancy and for being at Ella’s birth. We were so happy to be able to have Ella at home and to have a strong and comforting presence like you there." - Jess


"After a number of experiences in hospitals and birth centers, we knew that we wanted to have our fourth baby at home. As a doula, I know that birth can be unpredictable, so it was very important to me to have a provider who understood how to support the natural birth process but was also skilled in handling complications. My husband and I chose Sarah as our midwife for her experience as an L&D nurse as well as for her down-to-earth manner. When I needed progesterone to prevent preterm labor (a complication in a previous pregnancy), Sarah was able to write my prescription and oversee my treatment, thanks to her CNM credential. The majority of homebirth midwives would need to refer to a physician for this level of care.


"Our son was born on his due date after an uncomplicated labor. Sarah's presence allowed my husband and me to relax and feel secure in labor, even when it started to feel difficult. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who wants a natural birth at home but appreciates the security of having a midwife with the knowledge and experience to manage complications effectively. She was a tremendous support to me from our first visit at 10 weeks pregnant through the postpartum period and beyond." -Jenny


"As a first time father I was apprehensive about having a home birth, but after meeting and talking with Sarah I realized my reluctance was more fear-based. Sarah's extensive background as a labor and delivery nurse and her certification as a nurse practitioner and nurse midwife made me feel comfortable and safe with our choice." - Tim


"When I tell people we delivered our baby at home they always look shocked and then say 'wow, you're brave.' But the truth is the thought of delivering our baby in the hospital scared me. It was important for me to form a personal connection in order to have a positive birth experience. Sarah was exactly what we were looking for. During the delivery Sarah looked into my eyes and pulled a strength from me that I didn't know existed. Drew is here today because of the trust she had in that strength." - Kristin 

Sibling-Assisted Newborn Exam (2013, Lauren Somero Photography)
Sibling-Assisted Newborn Exam (2013, Lauren Somero Photography)


"As first time parents we were a bit overwhelmed when we came home from the birth center with our new baby boy. It was wonderful having Sarah available by phone and even better that she visited us at home to see how we were doing. She is so patient and understanding. She had a way of getting us to relax and not worry so much. She always seemed to have time to answer our questions and give us advice." - Eric