Books on sex for your kids and teens

1. A basic anatomy book - I do not have a specific book to suggest, but have always had one in the house, taking all the secrets and mystery and fear out of our bodies. When you can look at bones, eye balls and heart images, you can also look at the rest of the body with more ease. What better way to introduce health, self care, and sex like topics then making it part of their normal day to day. Here is one basic idea.

2. It's So Amazing - This book has been in our house from day one, a recommendation for peers with older kids. It was mixed matched in with other books, and they found it, and found interest in it when they were ready. There is a lot of worry about telling your kids too much too soon, but I have found that if you just follow their lead, they will ask what they need as they need it. And try not to answer questions with more then what they ask. The first few times they took this book out I held my breath with anticipation and fear...what would they think of it, how will I answer? But they just took it in, asked a few questions and moved on with their day. Both my girls have gone back over and over, from age 4 on. It remains a staple in our home, on our main bookshelf with the kid books. Author: Robie H. Harris, Michael Emberley 

3. It's Perfectly Normal - This is the older kid book to complement It's So Amazing. This book came into our home pre-puberty, pre teen (age 10ish for my kids). Since it reviews puberty, "changing bodies, growing up, sex and sexual health" it was only when the kids were asking questions more related to the relationship aspect vs anatomy/body actions and parts. It expands on anatomy, the physical changes of puberty, but also dives deeply into the social aspects of boundaries and teasing, sex, family planning and family dynamics. Again, this is one that they will go back to as needed, and they will ask questions. If they do not, I have prompted them with "what do you think of that?" or "what is something new to you that you found in that book today."

3. Sex is a funny Word - 

4. The care & Keeping of You, 1 & 2 - American Girl Doll series - 

5. Cycle Savvy: The Smart Teen's Guide to the Mysteries of Her BodyCycle Sauvy -