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Making Decisions About Prenatal Tests in Pregnancy
Making Decisions About Prenatal Tests fo
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Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy
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Gestational Diabetes
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Environmental Hazards During Pregnancy
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Is prenatal testing right for you?

Watch this presentation from Darthmout Hitchcock Medical Center to learn more.

Cord Blood Banking - What's It All About?
Cord Blood Banking - What's it All About
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Perineal Massage in Pregnancy
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When Does the Bag of Waters Break?
When Does the Bag of Waters Break.pdf
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Am I in Labor?
Am I in Labor.pdf
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Water Birth

Tubs can be provided for clients interested in home birth water births, or tubs are in each room at the birth centers. Read more about the evidence to support it's safety and affects for laboring women at this link.

Group B Strep (GBS) in Pregnancy

This article from Evidence Based Birth reviews the cause, illness and treatment options of GBS in women during labor.


Cord Blood Donation

Stem cells in your baby's umbilical cord blood can replace damaged cells inside the body. These new cells repair wounds, restore lost brain functions and increase healthy blood count. Medical experts discover new treatments every year, which means stored cord blood will become more valuable over time. Find out more about cord blood, life-saving stem cell treatments and what these advances in regenerative therapy mean for your family.   

Back Pain During Pregnancy
Back Pain During Pregnancy.pdf
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After Delivery

Breast Feeding Positioning
Bringing Your Baby to Breast Positioning
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What to Expect in the Early Days of Breastfeeding
What to Expect in the Early Days of Brea
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Postpartum Depression
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Newborn Procedures

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