School Health Courses

  • Boarding schools: all things self care for the teen woman. What should they pack for their dorms, what can you buy/use locally for health care needs vs when do you need the school nurse or your local urgent care.
  • Sex Ed: topics that I teach are
    • the anatomy of the sex organs, from fetal development/early genetics through puberty(including an introduction about what we know about the xy and xx chromosome in regards to gender)
    • contraception
    • sexually transmitted infections
    • the menstrual cycle in regards to emotional and physical wellness – for female students only .

Healthcare Conferences

  • Periods explained in regards to the impacts of hormones on the menstrual cycle. Geared toward teens and perimenopause, when hormones are shifting.
    • This includes the impact of estrogen and progesterone on moods, energy, appetite and sleep.
    • Use of my custom made/designed “Feelings Wheel with an action plan”